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Long List of All the New Printable Coupons on Coupons.com

I use affiliate links in some of my posts. I may earn a commission if you use my links. Full disclosure.


Here are all the new national coupons that came out today along with last night’s resets on Coupons.com.  Remember, there are also regional coupons hiding out on other zip codes, so go here and play with zips to find even more coupons!

Baby & Toddler

$0.50 off ONE Luvs Diapers

$2.00 off ONE Pampers Easy Ups Trainers

$0.50 off ONE Pampers Wipes 56 ct or higher

$1.50 off any Triple Paste


$1.00 off one six pack of Snapple Tea or Juice

$1.00 off 1 Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Almond milk

$0.75 off ONE Minute Maid Light 59 fl oz bottle


$0.50 off ONE BOX Reese’s Puffs cereal

$0.50 off 2 bags Chex Mix™ or Bugles™ Corn Snacks

$0.50 off ONE BOX any flavor Fiber One™ Meal Bar

$1.00 off 5 Yoplait Greek or Greek 100 yogurt

$0.50 off 1 box Nature Valley Breakfast Biscuits

$0.50 off ONE box Fiber One™ Chewy Bars

$0.25 off LARABAR™, UBER™ or ALT bars

$0.50 off ONE BOX Fiber One™ Streusel Bars

$0.75 off ONE BOX Fiber One cereal

$0.75 off Food Should Taste Good Crackers

$0.75 off ONE BOX Golden Grahams cereal

$1.00 off TWO BOXES Cheerios cereals

$0.50 off ONE BOX Original Cheerios cereal

$0.55 off Nathan’s Fries with Hot Dog purchase

$1.00 off on any TWO (2) Silk Fruity and Creamy

$1.00 off any Old El Paso™ Frozen Entrees

$1.00 off one bag of BROOKSIDE chocolate

$0.40 off any six cups of Yoplait Yogurt

$0.50 off ONE box Fiber One™ Soft-Baked Cookies

$2.50 off any (2) ZonePerfect boxes

$0.50 off TWO BOXES Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks

$1.00 off Pillsbury™ Ready to Bake!™ Melts Cookies

$2.00 off $10 Weight Watchers purchase

$0.75 off Yoplait Go-GURT Yogurt

$1.00 off FOUR Betty Crocker Pouch Potatoes

$0.55 off any one (1) Litehouse Product

$1.00 off THREE Old El Paso™ products

$0.20 off ONE CUP any flavor Liberte Greek yogurt

$0.50 off 2 Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Scrambles

$0.50 off ONE Betty Crocker™ Hershey’s™ Baking Mix

$0.50 off 2 Betty Crocker™ Suddenly Salad

Health Care

$2.00 off ONE Align Product

$0.50 off ONE Pepto-Bismol™ product

$1.00 off ONE ZzzQuil™ product

$2.00 off ONE Prilosec OTC Product


$1.00 off ONE Swiffer Sweeper Refill

$1.00 off TWO (2) packages of Hefty Slider Bags

$1.50 off ONE Tide Boost

$1.50 off ONE Tide Detergent 40oz or larger

$2.00 off Tide OXI Multi-Purpose Stain Remover

$0.65 off ONE Tide To Go Pen

$1.00 off one package of Hefty Trash Bags

$2.00 off ONE Tide PODS 31ct or larger

$1.00 off ONE Tide Washing Machine Cleaner

$2.00 off ONE Dreft Detergent

$0.75 off ONE Febreze Air Effects

$1.00 off Any one (1) SPOT SHOT 14 oz item

$1.00 off ONE Swiffer Wet Jet Refill

$1.00 off Any One (1) 2000 Flushes

$1.00 off ONE Swiffer Duster Refill

$1.00 off Any one (1) SPOT SHOT 16 oz item

$1.10 off ONE Febreze Fabric Refresher

$3.00 off HTH Super Select Shock Treatment

$1.10 off ONE Febreze Noticeables Refill

$2.00 off ONE Swiffer Starter Kit

$5.00 off HTH Ultra 3″ Chlorinating Tablets

$0.75 off ONE Febreze Car Vent Clip

$1.10 off ONE Febreze Candle

$0.75 off ONE Febreze Set/Stick & Refresh

Personal Care

$0.75 off ONE Secret Outlast or Destinations

$2.00 off TWO Secret Outlast or Destinations

$1.00 off any ONE (1) Axe Body Spray

$2.00 off ONE Secret Clinical Deodorant

$1.00 off ONE Axe Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick

$0.75 off ONE Aussie Styler

$1.00 off ONE Herbal Essences Styling Aid

$1.00 off ONE Old Spice Antiperspirant/Deodorant

$1.00 off ONE Old Spice Body Wash

$1.00 off ONE Old Spice Bar Soap 6ct or larger

$1.00 off ONE Olay Hand & Body Lotion

$2.00 off Olay Total Effects Facial Moisturizer

$2.00 off ONE Olay Regenerist Facial Moisturizer

$2.00 off ONE Venus Razor

$1.00 off Olay Fresh Effects Facial Moisturizer

$1.00 off ONE Herbal Essences Body Wash

$0.25 off ONE Ivory 12 oz Body Wash or 3 Bar

$1.00 off ONE Olay Body Wash or Bar Soap, 4ct

$0.75 off ONE Aussie Shampoo or Conditioner

$2.00 off one LamisilAT or Lamisil Defense product

$1.00 off ONE Old Spice 2n1 or Shampoo

$1.00 off ONE Fixodent Adhesive 2 oz or larger

$1.00 off ONE Old Spice Hair Styling Product

$0.75 off ONE Aussie Kids Product

$1.00 off ONE Old Spice Body Spray

$1.00 off ONE Maybelline New York Nail Product

$3.00 off one L’Oreal Paris Excellence Hair Color

$2.00 off ONE Old Spice Cologne

$2.00 off Pantene Expert Hair Regrowth Treatment

$2.00 off TWO Pantene Shampoos or Conditioners

$1.00 off ONE Pantene Styling Product

$1.00 off ONE Vidal Sassoon Shampoo or Conditioner

$1.00 off Herbal Essences Shampoo or Conditioner

$2.00 off ONE Pantene Expert Collection product

$0.75 off ONE Pantene Sheer Volume product

$0.75 off Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal Product

$0.75 off ONE Pantene Repair & Protect Product

$0.75 off ONE Pantene Smooth & Sleek product

$1.50 off TWO Oral-B Toothbrushes

$1.00 off ONE Olay Facial Cleanser

$2.00 off any AVEENO Sun Care product

$2.00 off renu fresh multi-purpose solution

$3.00 off 2 L’Oreal Paris Hair Expertise Products

$0.50 off ONE Crest Complete Paste 4 oz or larger

$1.00 off ONE Crest BE Toothpaste 4.5 oz

$0.50 off ONE Oral-B Glide Floss or Floss Picks

$1.00 off ONE Crest Sensi-Relief 4.1 oz or larger

$1.00 off ONE Gillette or Venus Disposable Razor

$0.50 off ONE Gillette or Satin Care Shave Gel

$0.50 off Crest Kids Oral-B Manual Toothbrush

$1.00 off ONE Old Spice Aftershave

$1.00 off ONE Crest ProHealth Rinse 500ml

$2.00 off TWO Crest ProHealth Rinses 500ml

$0.50 off ONE Crest Kids Toothpaste

Pet Care

$1.00 off SIX Wet IAMS Cat Food

$2.00 off ONE Dry IAMS Dog Food

$1.50 off FIVE Wet IAMS Dog Food

Buy 10, get 3 free of Meow Mix Wet Cat Food Cups

$2.00 off ONE Dry IAMS Cat Food


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