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See my Paper Beads and Crazy Quilt at the Old Timers Shop in Sanford

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Just want to let you know that if you happen to go by the Old Timers Shop on Main Street in Sanford, stop on in and check out my paper beads and crazy quilt!

My paper beads are one of my many mad crazy crafting addictions.  Once I get going, I can easily knock out over 1,000 beads a week.  They are made from magazine pages and white glue.  They dry very hard and you can make some funky necklaces and bracelets with them.  Kids love them, but you will too!

As for my quilt, it’s my very first crazy quilt I ever made.  I don’t even have a picture of it.  If you happen to give that quilt a new home, please know it was made with much love.  I hope it finds a good home… and if you have pets, they are more than welcome to make my quilt their new favorite spot to sleep 🙂

If you are out and about on Saturday, Dec 6, you must stop in the Old Timers Shop because they are having an open house! Enter to win a free door prize while checking out my beads and my quilt!

Please watch the video for more info and to see my beads!


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