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My Shaw’s Shopping List – Plus My Picks for Your Stock Pile with NO Coupons Needed!

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Hey everyone! Each week I will be posting my shopping list so you can see what I’m stocking up on.  If you need the same items, you can stock up too!

Please note that I’ll be doing lots of stocking up just by shopping sales with no coupons.  So if you’d like to save money on groceries without clipping coupons, be sure you come back every week to see what I’m getting.  Better yet, just don’t leave! lol


At Shaw’s 10/916- 10/22 (see flyer)


My List

Lucerne Cheese $1.77 (3 day sale, see here) – I really, really, really would love to pick up this cheese at this price, but you know how lousy I am at getting to Shaw’s on the weekend.  I never get there!  But at $1.77, bring the kids, the neighbors, even strangers (lol) and get everyone to buy 4 blocks or bags of cheese (limit 4) and freeze them!


Ground Beef $2.88/lb (3 day sale, see here) – Gee wiz, I want this ground beef too!!!  And I need it!  Yes, it’s got some fat.  I just rinse it.


That’s it for me.  There are a few other things below you might want to add to your stockpile if you are low.


Other Stockpile Sales

Tabasco Sauce $1.00 or FREE with coupon! (see here) – I usually only post the good coupon deals on Thursday nights, but I want to make sure you see this one.  Print all the coupons you can get your hands on and stock up!  Remember, only 4 like coupons will double in one transaction, so if you have more than 4, be sure you split them up! See the coupon deal here.


Essential Everyday Spices B1G1 FREE (see here) – You might be able to get some good deals on the cheaper spices like oregano or paprika.  What you should do is figure out what spices you need, check these prices online at Walmart, jot down the prices. Then when you hit Shaw’s, if the bogo sale makes them cheaper than the Great Value Walmart brand, you should buy it! And you don’t have to buy two of the same. You can mix and match.


Quaker Cereal $1.88 (must buy 5, see here) – This is a good price for Quaker Cereal and Quaker Oats!  I would skip the breakfast bars.  Always.  I think those are such a big waste of money, unless they are free or really, really cheap! I don’t see any coupons right now, but you can always check here and here to see if any popped up.


Those are my picks! If you see something else that you feel is a good sale price, go ahead and stock up. Once your stockpile is built, you will have the luxury of shopping only for items that are free of very cheap later!

I will have the Shaw’s Coupon Roundup posted on Thursday evening!


Remember to eat from your stockpile. That’s why you built it!


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