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This was one crazy outing!  My mission was to get some simple footage so I could practice doing a voice over video. Instead, I got into quite a cat fight with the store manager.  I will never get over the fact that I don’t have that part recorded.  I think you would have been highly entertained by that!

Okay, not really a cat fight, but I was fuming and I sure let her know it. And I was loud and would not back down. I wanted to be sure she and all the other shoppers in the store knew how I felt about what she did. And I thought the camera was running so I said stuff I thought you’d want me to say (my way of blaming you for my attitude… lol).  What a lost opportunity that was to capture a crappy store manager in action and put her out there for the world to see!  I’ll catch the next one!!!

The editing on this is very choppy and my camera does not do well when there is wind.  My main purpose was to learn to lay a voice over pre-recorded video and I think I did okay for my first attempt (I’ve since learned a different method so I’ll try that way next).  But I was so tired that I really let myself do a lousy job with the rest of the editing. I hope you still enjoy it!

Warning! I said the A word and the B word in this video!  I know some of you let your kids watch so I just want to warn you.

UPDATE!!!  Something is wrong with the video and I have to upload it again!  It would just stop playing half way through.  Give me a break!!!  I’ll let you know when it’s back up.

UPDATE: It’s back up!  Finally!




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