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Before you watch this video, I want you to know that I probably did not come across as mean as I thought I was.  I really do hold back because I can’t make enemies at that store. But for sure I was steaming hot inside!  And I was loud enough to make everyone turn.  Just pisses me off that any of us should ever have to leave a store feeling bad about the experience. I hate it when it happens to me, but I hate it even more when it happens to others, especially newbies.

I think lots of employees just don’t stop to think about how they come across.  In my case today, a cashier’s body language spoke volumes. And one thing I didn’t mention is the cashier who was asked to help out never replied so my cashier just decided to make the decision. The other cashier just threw her hands up like I was a big pain in the ass.  Okay, obviously I’m not over it yet! lol

P.S. I think with some practice I’d make a fine ventriloquist! lol



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