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VIDEO – Here’s Why I Will No Longer Be Promoting Savingstar

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See that big black bra strap in the photo?  That’s how I looked in more than half of this video!  Sorry ’bout that!  I forgot that the neck of this shirt is big. Please forgive me for looking so trashy! lol

In this video, you will discover why I have finally made a decision to stop including Savingstar in my deals.  I will also not be promoting them any more on my facebook page.  If anyone mentions on my page that there is also a Savingstar coupon to go with a deal, I will just kindly remind everyone that we should not be saying that on my page. You’ll understand once you watch the video.

Also in this video, I almost sound like I might be throwing other bloggers under the bus. That’s not the case. I’d say 99% of the bloggers I know are awesome. But it’s that 1% that can make things tough on other bloggers.  I have first hand experience with a blogger who gave me a very, very hard time 3 years ago, so I know for a fact there are mean bloggers out there who love to cause trouble.

You’ll also learn in this vid that I am in no way affiliated with Shaw’s. I don’t earn a dime from promoting them, other than what I earn through the coupons I use in the deals. But Shaw’s has no affiliate programs for bloggers.

I hope this video even makes sense. I tend to make things way more confusing then they really are.  And if you want more behind the scenes videos, just let me know. I was surprised by how many people messaged me after my “I Let You In On a Secret” video saying they liked knowing how bloggers make money. I’m pretty much an open book, so let me know what you want me to talk about!

One last thing, for those of you who are not receiving your refunds from Savingstar, that has nothing to do with what I talked about. Savingstar has not made any changes to the system. Just email them and they will refund you if they made a mistake. They do overlook some refunds. Not a perfect system.

Here’s Why I Will No Longer
Be Promoting Savingstar


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