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I have been getting lots of messages about my new low carb way of life. And many of you ask what I eat. One of you asked what I drink! So here is my first low carb video. I’m calling it a Q&A because I am officially answering the “what do I drink” question, but it’s mostly a list of exactly what I eat and my experiences so far.  I will do an update when I get my labs done again near the end of November. Fingers crossed that my A1C number goes down!

For some reason, the quality of this video seems fuzzy for me.  I don’t think it processed correctly, or it might just be my computer. Also, my hair is just ridiculous!!! Can’t wait for it to grow out a bit so I can even it up! lol

I just realized that when I said I eat tomatoes, I forgot to say that includes canned tomatoes. I make a killer low carb chili with ground meat, canned tomatoes, onion and peppers (forgot that on my list), beans and cayenne pepper!  It will knock your socks off!

Low Carb Q&A
What Do I Eat and Drink?



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