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VIDEO – Tag Along with Me to Shaw’s and Walmart – A Stranger Approached My Car!

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I was in rare form today!  I took you to the Shaw’s parking lot and into Walmart.  And someone approached my car at Shaw’s and scared me half to death!  She was a complete stranger and I thought she was going to ask me if everything was okay because I was just sitting there in my car, talking and acting so animated.  Something tells me she knew who I was, but I’m not sure. I also saw her in the store and I noticed her shopping cart was filled with deals that I posted! I wanted to ask her if by any chance she followed my blog. Me thinks she does!

This video appears grainy for me. Not sure why.  Might just be my computer, but I think lately they are not processing correctly because the previous one looked grainy too. Sorry if the quality is bad.



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