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Friday Chat – Ghost Stories, Banging On My Door, Online Deals, Simply Shaw’s

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TGIF!  I know Friday’s are the start of the weekend for many of you.  For me, it’s just another day.  All days are basically the same. It used to differ by what I watched on TV, but lately I don’t even put the TV on during the day. But I sleep with one on. All night. Every night.

Last night I slept fairly sound considering I told a ghost story before bed.  But I woke up horribly startled by someone pounding on my back door early this morning.  I covered my head and hoped it would just stop. Then they pounded on my front door. It was loud, like I was being raided, so I was forced to answer. It ended up being flowers for my mother. I’m not sure I even said thank you. I do know part of my hair was sticking straight up. Hope he liked that.

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