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I got 24 rolls of toilet paper delivered to my door today. This was the best package ever!  Why? Because it’s a sign that I truly am recovering from couponing. lol

Ever since I stopped couponing full time, I have felt extremely guilty for spending money that I knew I could be saving. But there comes a time that we have to make choices, and one of my new choices is to focus on less stress in my life, even if it means spending more money. So when I placed an online order for my mother on Walmart.com, I only needed to spend a little more to get free shipping. I added the toilet paper to my cart and placed my order.

I can almost promise you I will never again buy toilet paper at the store. This was just too easy! And I’ll be doing lots more online shopping, even for non perishable foods. I like stress-free shopping!

This particular toilet paper worked out to $.55 per roll.  I like to pay less than $.50 for 1000 sheets, but I’m quite content with $.55 especially since it was easy.


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