My Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting plus My Mom Fell

I had my first Chamber Board Meeting

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Thursday Chat – Free Magazines, More Beads, Long Transition

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Another day, another dollar!  I hope to make more than a dollar, but I’ll take a dollar! lol

A few things I want to discuss with you today…

First, let me answer the question of the day. Everyone wants to know how I get FREE magazines sent to my door.  I mentioned several times in my new Help Me Open My Mail video that all my mags were free (full year subscriptions too!), and now everyone wants them! I will try to find some free mag offers for you and will blog/vlog with the info when I do.

Next thing I want to mention is that is has just been brought to my attention that the last batch of beads that I delivered to the Old Timers Shop in Sanford (you’ll see the shop in that video) has already sold out. I will be delivering a new batch on Friday, April 1st. The new batch will also be priced at only $.40 per bag, so if you are local to Sanford, I hope you go back for more! This is a batch of beads I delivered 4 months ago to give you an idea of what I’m talking about. Each bag is unique, no two alike.

One last thing. I’ve come to the conclusion that it will take me much longer than expected to redo my site, facebook page, youtube channel, etc. It’s a lot of work and it’s just me working on it. So, please be patient and don’t just ship yet. I hope to be bringing lots of cool stuff once I can complete the transition!

Now, I need to get busy doin’ stuff!



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