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Thursday Chat – Graveyards, Hot Doublers, New Subbies

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Yesterday, I asked on facebook which video you’d like to see today, and looks like a tag along with me to a graveyard won! So, I’ll be heading out a bit later with camera in hand and will try to find some interesting headstones to show you. And Sandy surprised me with the news that she unexpectedly got the day off, so we’ll be going together!

Other videos you can expect to see on my channel this weekend are a hair dying video, a pillow vlog, more facebook comments, and I will also disclose my youtube earnings to show you that making money on youtube is possible. But, it takes time and lots of content. I’m hoping some of you will start a youtube channel now so maybe in a year from now, you can start to reap the benefits of your hard work!

I worked on a list of Hot Doublers last night. If you shop at a store that doubles coupons, you will want to check it out over on my Simply Shaw’s blog! Please remember that I have not given up completely on deals and coupons. It’s just that youtube comes first now, then deals and coupons will pop up when I’m in that mood. I can’t go cold turkey! lol

Yesterday’s video was a Tag Along with Me to Walmart, in case you want to check it out. And I’m getting so close to 3,000 subscribers! I’m at 2,988, so I’m hoping it happens today! I’ve gotten 500 new subscribers per week for the past two weeks. So awesome!!! And thank you!!!



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