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Sunday Chat – Hair Dying Video, Makeup Glasses, Online Deals, Youtube Tips

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It’s Sunday! And I’m so relaxed! It used to be that I was always stressed out on Sunday because I knew my manic Monday was just around the corner. But now that I’m no longer posting the Shaw’s flyer, I can be stress-free on Sunday!  Giving up that flyer has been almost as life changing for me as giving up refined carbs and sugar!!!

If you watched my Hair Dying Video that I uploaded last night, then you know by my mascara applying techniques that I for sure need a pair of these makeup glasses!!! They let you still see out of one eye!

We have lots of great items on the Online Deals by Darlene page including a Donut Floatie (with a bite taken out of it… lol), some adorbs Disney socks, an I’m a Mom mug (perfect for Mother’s Day) and so much more!  Please check them out!

I’m not sure what today’s video will be. I know I’d like to post another Youtube Tip, but I also want to post something else. I’m thinking maybe I’ll work on my Youtube earnings disclosure video. I really want any of you who are interested in earning with Youtube to get a realistic view of what it’s like. I’d love to have a bunch of you building your channels right along with me!



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