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First Rehearsal in 16 Months

Why I’m meeting with the Mayor of Hernando, MS

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Going to the gym and working my tail off

I’m joining a band and will be playing live music again!

Thursday Chat – My 1/4 Million Retirement Plan and My Earnings Finally Disclosed!

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Last night, I put myself out there in a very big way! I disclosed my earnings and showed you what I was earning with the deals blog and also showed you how it went downhill for me. You will also see my very tiny Youtube earnings.  I also revealed my plan to save $250,000 over the next 10 years. Yup! That’s the plan!  I only now started saving for retirement and I’m in a panic!

I did my first Q&A last night too! That was fun!!!  But I had so much footage that I had to cut the video in half. I’ll post part 2 tonight. And again, I revealed some stuff in there that I regretted afterward, like my most embarrassing moment. I tossed and turned all night saying “why did I tell them that???” lol

I dug up this easy No-Bake Muddy Buddies Cupcakes Recipe and shared it with you yesterday. I think it’s one the kiddos would love!

It’s the final American Idol finale tonight. Does anyone care? lol  We’ve been watching that show from the beginning, every season, never missing an episode. So we are sticking with it until the end. I really have no favorite to win. I’ll be happy for either of them.

Anyone like Hello Kitty?  There are some cool items over on Kitty Party!

Today is the day I MUST WORK ON TAXES!!!  I can’t believe I waited so long. Oh wait, I can believe it because I’m the queen of procrastination! Need to clean my desk first. Just one more way to procrastinate! lol



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