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Wednesday Chat – Tag Along plus Upcoming Stats

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Happy Wednesday everyone!  The sun is shining here in Sanford, but I think it’s cold outside?  I don’t know because I have not checked. And I don’t plan on going out today. Right now, all I know is I’m not hot, so I’m loving that! lol

Yesterday I posed a Tag Along video. I hit both Dollar Tree and I took you into Shaw’s with me. That was stressful!!! lol  Hope you enjoy!

I hope to work on my youtube stats video today. I know that will not interest most of you, but I would really love to have a following of people who’d like to dabble with youtube. I find the best way for me to learn is to teach! That’s why I post youtube tips and will also be posting my earnings progress. Just very scary to put myself out there like that because what if I don’t earn!!! How totally embarrassing that would be! lol

Be sure you check the Online Deals!  Got some cool stuff over there!  And we’ll be promoting lots of Mother’s Day stuff soon, so keep checking!



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