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Tuesday Chat – Random Facts, Tidbit, Cemetery. Slacking? lol

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Happy Tuesday everyone!

It’s funny, now when I have a day where I upload 2 videos, I feel like I’m slacking! That’s the workaholic in me.  I feel like I totally slacked yesterday.  I wanted to upload a concoction, but didn’t have a chance. I did, however, manage my usual Daily Update along with 5 More Random Facts You Never Need to Know About Me video.  Oh, and I also posted a Narcissistic Tidbit: Dessert? No Dessert? Dessert? on my new channel. Okay, so maybe 3 videos is not considered slacking. lol

Gee wiz, I just realized that I also recorded at the cemetery yesterday and added that footage to my Random Facts video.  Okay, the camera was on quite a bit yesterday. I’m starting to think I might have issues! lol I ran over to the cemetery to add flowers to my son’s paternal grandparents grave. I don’t know why I never thought to do that before now. I totally expected to marry into that family and I still think of them often. Way too often. Like I said, issues. lol

Today, I might once again feel like attempting a concoction video. I have something in mind, but it consists of opening one jar and two cans, so not really much of a recipe.  However, I like easy, and I’m sure others do too. And I think throwing 3 ingredients together totally qualifies as a concoction. So, hopefully I’ll do that today!

Have a great Tuesday!  And don’t forget to check out my new blog!



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