My Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting plus My Mom Fell

I had my first Chamber Board Meeting

Carriage House Coffee | Byhalia, MS

Byhalia, MS | The Next Community-Sponsored Podcast Network?

Rearviewmirror by Pearl Jam | Rhythm Guitar Cover

Unglued by Stone Temple Pilots | Rhythm Guitar Cover

Videos I Watched Last Night on Youtube – Selina, Richard, Pearl, Corina, More!!!

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Here are some of the videos I watched last night!  Please subscribe to any channels you like and leave them a comment telling them Darlene Michaud sent you!

Videos From Peanut Gallery Members!

Watch me attempt #1 – Faux Freckles by Corina Denisa
Corina has quickly become one of my new faves!  Do I dare say it?  Girl crush! lol  I’m mesmerized by her voice and her beauty and I just adore her quirky ways!  If you know anyone who might like fun and lighthearted makeup tutorials, please send them to Corina!  I want her channel to succeed!

The Couponer Tag by Running Kimono
Yay!!!  Kimono is on camera!  I was sooooo excited to see this! You are a natural!

5 Useless Facts About Me by Mosquito Valley Vlog
We have another peanut gallery member who jumped on the Random Facts train!  I love this series!

Just a white boxer dog playing outside by Dolly Green
This was super cute! Of course, Pearl is always super cute, but I loved Dolly’s munchkin voice!

To my daughters…and yours! by shawna arsenault
Bravo Shawna! What an awesome message your share!  This is what youtube is all about, helping others!

Richard plays the Guitar!! 🙂 by Sharon Wise
Is it wrong that I’ve developed a crush on Sharon’s husband? lol  Love a man with a guitar!!!

~ make a Envelope mini album tutorial ~edited version by Handmade by Diana
I’ve never seen an envelope album like this!  Do love!

Great job, Courtney!  And you had me cracking up the whole way through!  I’d love to try this challenge but need to find the time!

I can’t Walk | by Henri The Cavoodle
I can’t say it enough… I love Henri!

🔥 Spicy Noodle Challenge 🔥 Mum & Daughter Edition | Selina Ryan Selina Ryan
This is Henri’s mum!!! (Henri the Cavoodle, see above).  When I started watching this video, I was like… hey, that looks like Henri! Then Selina said it was Henri!  Selina let me know she was inspired by me to start her own channel, which is why I took a look.  I just love that I can be some sort of inspiration for others. That’s the very best part of my job! Selina, I subscribed!

Darlene Michaud~Fan Tribute by YouTube Addict
How sweet!  Someone made a fan tribute about me!

OOTD! by Sharon Wise
Sharon is on a youtube roll! So happy to see you having so much fun with this!

My appointment and an attempt at going to the thrift store by Dolly Green
I hope Dolly hits that thrift store again and does a haul video!  I love those kinds of vids!

5 Random Facts by shawna arsenault
We have another on on the random facts train!  I love learning these tid bits about my friends!

Vitacost Unboxing August 2016 by Dolly Green
I love lavender oil, and the price for that size bottle is fantastic! I will be checking out Vitacost!

Other Videos I watched (they never heard of the peanut gallery LOL)

Weird Things I Did as a Kid by Meghan McCarthy
I simply adore Meghan! Really, I do!

3 Ingredient Healthy Oat Cookies | Back to School Recipe by SimplyBakings
Yes, I will be trying this!  But I’m going to add an egg! lol

Time to Pack Up and MOVE! by Schmovies
Tim and Dana and their 6 kids are moving to their new house!  I can’t wait to see it!

My Process for Brainstorming, Shooting, and Posting Videos by Video Creators
Tim shows what he goes through as a full time youtuber! This family of 8 (see one of their other channels, Schmovies, above) makes their entire income through youtube and they are debt free! I love success stories like this! But you will see after watching, that it is a lot of work.  I don’t know how they do it with 6 kids!

If you would like for me to watch some of your videos, please subscribe to my channel and let me get to know you by leaving comments on my videos, sending images for montages or by taking on some of the challenges!  The more involved you are, the better your chances are that I’ll notice you!


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