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Thursday Chat – One Month ZC and How Much Toilet Paper Do I Use? lol

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Happy Thursday!

Today makes one month ago that I started my new way of eating!  I can’t believe how fast time flies!  I will talk about it more on my What I Ate Yesterday series.  Did you know I record what I eat every day?  I do!  And I put it out there in case anyone is curious.  You can follow along here.

I uploaded a new 5 Random Acts video last night.  We are getting close to the end of this series!  Then I need to start a new series like that.  Any ideas?  If so, please post them HERE.

A funny thing about last night’s random facts is that I learn more and more that stuff I thought was crazy in my family, is pretty much normal!  I thought I was the only one who grew up practically forced to ration toilet paper, but I see by the comments that others were too.  And we’ve almost all turned into hand wrappers! lol  See what limiting us did?  It caused us all to be toilet paper hogs! lol

I really need to get some stuff up on eBay!  I’ve been letting that slide.  I have some totes already made that I could list.  Will try to do that today!

Oh, and I cooked my very first “deli” roast beef yesterday and it came out pretty good!  I’ll be recording the next one I make, so stay tuned!  It’s so easy!!!

Have a great Thursday!



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