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What I Ate Yesterday… and the Day Before… and the Day Before…

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This was a rough week for me with the passing of my husband. But the one thing I knew I could count on was my new way of eating.  My mental health has improved so much during my 2 weeks of eating this way, and it really helped me to get through all this. The last thing I needed was carbs to bring me down.

I was going to skip my usual journaling, but I found that it help me to get my mind off things. So I continued. But instead of posting daily, I just put every day on this post until I felt ready to go live on the blog again. Since I have it recorded, I might as well share!  I will go back to posting daily now.

Wednesday 11/30 – Day 14

I had my usual coffee when I got up with heavy cream.

At 3:30pm I ate a meat mix that I cooked and froze before Thanksgiving. I was too busy eating turkey for a few days so I just tossed my cooked meat in the freezer and it was just as good as always!  (I heated it with water and a bit of butter).  I added some deli ham to the mix and some butter.  I have my deli ham sliced thin then I boil it to remove the salt. And it changes the texture a bit, which I love.  Might be one of my new favorites!

At 9:00pm and I ate a delish meal. I cooked ground beef and bacon in butter. Then on the side, I made some deli meat rolls!  I started with a thin slice of deli ham, then a thin slice of deli roast beef, then half of a thin slice of deli swiss cheese. I rolled that up tight.  I made and ate 3 of those along with my meat mixture. That was beyond awesome!

Note: I have not really been eating cheese over the past two weeks (only twice, I think), but it is part of this animal kingdom way of eating.  However, some find that even tiny amounts of dairy makes them struggle with cravings and for others, it slows down their weight loss. I’ll watch to see if any cravings pop up. I’m not in this for the weight loss, so if that slows down, that’s no biggie.  The thing is you need to eat plenty of meat with the dairy. Don’t just make a meal out of cheese.

At 9:30pm I had a decafe with light cream and heavy cream. I was in a creamy mood.

Then I had one of those nights that I could not sleep.  My mind was spinning with all that’s going on right now.  At 4:30am, I ate another meat meal.  I guess we can call that breakfast? lol  At first I felt guilty, but then I realized I had not eaten for hours so I was hungry. I ate. Guilt free.

Food that entered my mouth on 11/30:  bacon, beef (ground, eye round, rump roast), deli ham, deli roast beef, deli swiss cheese, butter, light cream, heavy cream, water.

Tuesday 11/29 – Day 13

I had coffee with heavy cream when I got up.

As for the rest, it was a rough day and I can’t even remember what I ate.  But I can promise you it was meat cooked in butter. And I might have had deli meat before bed, along with my usual swig of light cream.

Food that entered my mouth on 11/29:  Some kind of meat and maybe deli meat, butter, cream, coffee, water.

Monday 11/28 – Day 12

When I got up, I had my cup of coffee with heavy whipping cream and a bit of light cream since I did not have enough HWC.  Need to go out today for more.

At 1:30pm, I had a mix of two previous meat concoctions that I had made (food list is below). I heated by adding water and adding a pat of butter.  I also added a few slices of deli ham and deli roast beef to my plate.  I don’t usually eat that early, but I was going out so I thought it would be better to eat a bit before leaving than waiting until very late.  And I ate a smaller portion to see how that works for me.

At around 6:00pm, I had the final bit of leftovers from the same concoction that I had for lunch.  Since there was not enough, I added more ground beef and more ground pork to the mix. I ate less than normal due to no appetite. I should have eaten more, I think.

At 9:00pm, I had some deli roast beef and deli ham.

At 2:30am, yes, 2:30am, I ate another meal.  I realized that my day was totally screwed up and I had not eaten enough.  And eating earlier than normal for lunch completely threw me off.  I cooked some ground beef and this time topped with some cheese and added salt and pepper.  In other words, I went wild.

Note:  I noticed that I do great with deli roast beef, but the deli ham is just too salty for me.  I need to find a low sodium brand (I just grabbed what was on sale).  That salt made me too thirsty and I was somehow not quite as satisfied as I have been every other day. Also, I started craving salt.  So the salt needs to go bye bye.  I hate any kind of cravings. Update: I now boil it to remove most of the salt.

Food that entered my mouth on 11/28:  turkey (white and dark), pork (ground, bacon), ground beef, beef liver, Italian blend cheese (mozzarella, provolone, parmesan, asiago, romano) deli roast beef, deli ham, butter, light cream, heavy cream, salt, pepper, water.

Sunday 11/27 – Day 11

I skipped coffee today.  I’m in a fog because my husband died.

At 2:00pm, I ate more of the mix that I ate on 11/26 but added ground beef. I also had a side of deli roast beef and deli ham.  I had a sip of light cream and lots of water.

At 8:30pm I had a decafe with heavy cream.

At 11:00pm I had deli roast beef and deli ham and a gulp of light cream.

Food that entered my mouth on 11/27:  turkey (white and dark), pork (ground, bacon), ground beef, deli roast beef, deli ham, butter, light cream, heavy cream, water.

Saturday 11/26 – Day 10

When I got up, I had my cup of coffee with heavy whipping cream.

At some point during that day, I ate a concoction of turkey, bacon, ground pork and liver.  I did not keep track of time because I was in a haze.  I had no appetite but ate what I could. I will say, the liver (which is full of vitamin C) was quite tasty sliced up and mixed with that concoction. I cooked it all in butter.

Since I had no appetite, I didn’t eat again until much later. At maybe 2:00am, I ate cold leftover turkey and I had a swig of light cream.

Food that entered my mouth on 11/26:  turkey (white and dark), pork (ground, bacon), butter, cream (heavy and light), coffee, water.

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PLEASE READ: Please remember that it’s MY CHOICE to eat the way I want. If you think this is unhealthy, know I’m not as concerned with physical health. I’m more concerned with my mental health. I’m on a mission to feel better mentally… without cravings!!! I’m willing to test this so you don’t have to! But what works for me might not work for you. I’m not doing this to lose weight. I’m doing this because I’m convinced that I’m overly sensitive to carbs and that I must stay away from them if there is any chance of me feeling better. I’m eating from the animal kingdom, like the complete opposite of vegan. I know this upsets many, but I promise I won’t eat your pets. You are free to follow my progress/failures and you can even disagree with what I do. Just remember that I will get the last word because it’s my blog, my channel, my life! That’s the new me talking! (I think I’m growing balls! Let me look… yes, I see one starting to grow!)


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