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Thursday Chat – Hypomania, Youtube Earnings, Peanut Gallery Network

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Happy Thursday!

I had a rough night last night, just could not sleep.  Mind was racing with lots of exciting ideas.  This could be mania, but I’m going with it! lol  I actually have more episodes of hypomania than mania.  Hypomania is a milder form of mania. My doctor once told me that many successful people are hypomanic.  It gives them the boost to get many things accomplished, but to not get overly euphoric and do things that can ruin lives.  I have suffered that kind of mania before.  I hope to never go there again.

Yesterday, I uploaded 3 videos! (hypo! lol)  One was a Mini Update that I will doing more of.  The other was my Youtube Earnings Update for the first two weeks of January. Then finally I told my Memphis viewers where Derrick was playing (I hope Derrick does NOT watch those vids!!! lol)

Today I need to go out for milk and bread, but I need to clear my car off first and also clear the snow off the ramp.  I hope I can get out early enough and back home already because I’m in the mood to work! If/when I do go out, I might do a tag along, but not sure.  I’m more in the mood to do a crafty video, but that can change. I do plan on having something new for you to watch tonight.

I also have a new exciting networking feature coming along very soon for other Youtubers!  If you are a content creator and part of the Peanut Gallery, stay tuned!!!

Have a great Thursday!



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