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Sunday Chat

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It’s Sunday!

I thought I’d start my day with a chat post. Like I said before, I’m not going to commit to posting daily chats now, and I am not including the stats each time, but I would like to include stats at least once per week (see below) just because some are very curious about that sort of thing.  Might do it on Sundays.

I have been super busy getting ready for the next Fabric Frenzy.  And I realize I don’t have as many panels as I like.  Marden’s didn’t have any precut panels in my price range when I went the other day (tag along to walmart and marden’s), but they do have many more that are on the bolts.  I much prefer to shop the precut section instead of waiting, but I think I’ll need to go check the bolts this week as I really need more.

I want 50 listings this time around for the frenzy!  I know many of you have questions about the frenzy. I will have a video explaining it all very soon. All you need to know for now is that you much belong to my Peanut Gallery facebook group to be able to see it.

The other day I got a letter via snail mail from a viewer who felt the need to tell me to stop swearing on my videos.  I got such a kick out of that and read the letter to my patrons.  I can understand someone not liking the f-bomb, but I can’t understand how a grown woman feels entitled to tell another grown woman how to run her channel.  And swearing is a big part of who I am. A part I love and even admire.

Last night I replied to my snail mailer, also via snail mail.  I was going to email her (she also gave me her phone number, say what???) but then I came up with the idea of making special stationery just for her. And since she snail mailed me, I thought maybe snail mailing her was her preferred method of communication.  You can see both videos inside patreon.  And with a $3.00 pledge, you will get access to over 60 exclusive videos that are for patrons only. Beware. I swear. Just warning those who don’t appreciate that sort of thing. lol

Today I want to work on embellishing more Quilt Block Party quilt blocks.  It’s so easy to keep dropping the ball with that series.  Never again will I do a series that involved 20 quilt blocks! Lesson learned! lol

I am very anxious to wrap up the quilt block party series because I want to start a Fidget Quilt after that.  I put a poll in my peanut gallery group a while back and many were totally interested in a fidget quilt. And those can be small, lap size or even smaller. They are for those who need tactile stimulation for things like autism, demential, anxiety, or just for anyone who is fidgety for whatever reason. It’s actually a form of ASMR! But instead of sounds, it is triggered by touch. And once I make a fidget quilt, I will for sure be using it in an ASMR video. That will be so fun!

Fidget quilts can also be used as learning tools for children like how to tie a shoe, how to button something up, how to use a zipper, etc. Very anxious to get started. Must finish the quilt block party first. And the fidget quilt will not have 20 blocks. lol

I guess that’s it for now.  You can check my links below if you want to see what other videos I did during the week.  I have plenty of content to go around! Now I must get busy with my day. I’m in the mood for two videos for my DM channel today, quilt block party and maybe a simple crochet stitch that I came up with. Stay tuned!

1 week ago:
349 patrons, $787 per month in pledges
Today: 350 patrons, $824 per month in pledges
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Youtube (Darlene Michaud channel)
1 week ago:
40,389 subscribers
Today: 41,323 subscribers
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1 week ago: 450 subscribers

Today: 466 subscribers

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1 week ago:
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Today: 1,934 members

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