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Friday Chat – Skylar’s Maine Vacation, eBay Auction, Fabric Frenzy, Current Stats

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It’s Friday!

I have not been doing daily updates for a long time, but I thought I’d do one now and then when I have something to say. And I have something to say!  Skylar’s Maine vacation is booked!

This year, Derrick and I will be splitting the travel trips. I will fly to Memphis and bring Skylar back with me. Then Derrick will fly to Maine to pick her up.  I used to do both trips every year, then Derrick started to do both a few years ago. This time we are splitting it and I’m actually very anxious to pick Skylar up. It has been awhile since we’ve flown together and I miss that! This will be Skylar’s 8th Maine vacation. I’ve had her every year since she was 2 years old!

And the very best thing is that I was able to get an afternoon flight! I head to Memphis on June 23 and I’m coming back with Skylar the very next day.  Derrick will fly to Maine on July 16, he’ll spend a few nights here so he can visit some friends, then will fly back to Memphis with Skylar on July 19.  It’s much shorter trip for her this year.  Last summer she was here 5½ weeks. This time it’s 3½.  Too short for my liking, but if she’s not as homesick this time (mom and dad missed her too!) then maybe next year we can find a happy medium at 4½ weeks.

Before I forget, I have a Quilt Top up for grabs on eBay! Check it out to see the current bid!

I have a Fabric Frenzy in the works scheduled for May 26.  I am so torn as to how to run this one.  I was going to split some listing between eBay and my blog, but I think that will be just too confusing, not only for me, but for shoppers too.  I can’t send international with blog orders due to the extra work it involves. I can send internation on ebay since they have a handy dandy global shipping program. Having different rules for different platforms during the same sale could very well be a hot mess. Also, it would really make the whole shipping process harder for me since I’d have to track order from both paypal and ebay and not just one platform. It’s making me exhausted just thinking of it.  I like the frenzy to be exciting like a thrill ride, but it has to be a ride I can handle.

I also wanted to have some special listings for my patrons. But since I really don’t have too many patrons, and most of them probably do not give a shit about fabric, I doubt I would sell very much if I offer fabric exclusivly to them.  So my grand idea was to let them have links for my blog listings early and give them a first shot at ordering.  But now I don’t think I’ll be lising on my blog because of the whole shipping issue and confusion factor. I can’t give patrons first shot at ebay because those listings are public.  I wish there was a way to have a “private” ebay listing that could then be set to “public” but there isn’t.

One more option is to have some listings on my blog for patrons only and they would know they are for USA only. Then there would not be any confusion.  After they have their shot at those listings, I could adjust the amount I have available for ebay.  Hey, that might work!  I could maybe offer those listings the day before the frenzy just so it’s not so hectic for me.  It would mean extra work because I would have to have the listing set up on both platforms in advance. But this might be a good option! I will think about it more.

I have not shown you stats for a long time, so here’s an update for you!

We have grown!!!

Last Update (3 months ago): 350 patrons, $824 per month in pledges
Today: 351 patrons, $987 per month in pledges
(public stats display estimates of my actual cut after fees)

Youtube (Darlene Michaud channel)
Last Update (3 months ago):
 41,323 subscribers
Today: 49,131 subscribers
(old earnings playlist here, new stats series here)

Youtube (Sounds and Whispers ASMR channel)
Last Update (3 months ago): 466 subscribers
Today: 792 subscribers

Peanut Gallery Group
Last Update (3 months ago): 1934 members
Today: 2,623 members

Thanks for visiting my blog!  Darlene


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