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Thursday Chat – Skylar is Leaving Today and Plans for What’s Ahead

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It’s Thursday.  It’s the end of Skylar’s Maine vacation. I take Derrick and her to the airport this afternoon. Then I come home to a very quiet house and will not be hanging out with my girl.

Whenever Skylar leaves, it’s always hard for me. This time is harder than usual because I normally look forward to throwing myself into work and that gets my mind off things. But this time I have other stuff on my mind, stuff I’m not at all looking forward to at all. I talk about that inside patreon. And that’s most likely where I’ll keep that topic since it gives my patrons that extra connection to what is going on in my life. I’m trying very hard to keep the personal stuff on patreon and the everyday stuff on my main youtube channel. That seems to be what works best for my sanity, at least for now.

What you can look forward to moving forward…

The free ebooks list will be back starting tomorrow! I know many of you miss that daily post. There is just no way I can ever do that list while Skylar is here as it takes up too much time, at least an hour each day. And I might be making changes to the list also. It might be moving to patreon. Again, it takes time and it’s not monetized. I need to find a way to make that list worth continuing. I love to hunt down the books and create the list, but I need to work smarter, not harder. That’s the new way I want to do things. It’s the way I NEED to do things.

I’ll be back to recording ASMR videos. I know it seems like I have been recording all along, but all the videos I published while Skylar was here (4 per week) were pre-recorded, edited and uploaded. All I had to do for the past 3 weeks was click to make them public. I only have a few more in the can so I need to get back to recording. I love recording ASMR videos so it will be nice to get back to that.

And speaking of ASMR, I finally reached 1,000 subscribers! My channel is now under review for monetization. Even if it gets monetized, at most I’ll be making pennies per day. But that’s all I need to keep me motivated. I love to turn those pennies into dollars! I hope that channel passes review and that it does not take months for the monetization process to happen.

Recipes will also be back on a daily basis. I’d like to make some changes with that series too, but no new ideas right now. That series will stay the same until I come up with something.

I might bring this Daily Chat blog post back. If not daily, I’d at least like a weekly update. Will see if I can work that in to my new schedule.

Patrons will be getting some new series. Not exactly sure what, but as I mentioned above, my health updates will go on patreon, so there’s at least that. I’d also like to bring some other series there. I do have some ideas but don’t want to get ahead of myself. Just need to keep working hard on both platforms, youtube and patreon, because I can’t put all my eggs in one basket.

Fabric sales will be back! Maybe on a smaller scale and hopefully with a twist. I had a new idea I wanted to try while Skylar was here, but we just didn’t have the time. I hope to have a fabric sale by the end of this month and near the end of each month moving forward. And like before, I plan on giving patrons the an exclusive option to shop first.

The daily ebay finds on my blog will continue. I was able to post some of those while Skylar was here, but not daily. Jut the same, it’s becoming a popular series according to the views I’m getting so I totally want to keep up with those posts.  And there will be more ebay finds posted to my Peanut Gallery group as time permits, so please join that group so you don’t miss the treasures I dig up. These are like mini frenzies only I’m not the one selling the goods. Join my group to see what deals I find!

My main youtube channel will NOT go back to daily videos, at least not in the immediate future. I am taking a BIG cut in pay by not uploading as often, but I’m enjoying other things more since I cut back. First, it gives me the time to focus more on my ASMR channel. Even thought that channel is not monetized and might not ever earn any kind of money, it’s where my heart is. There is no better feeling than knowing I helped someone fall asleep or just provided them with some temporary relaxation. I know some people, maybe many, don’t understand my ASMR channel at all. But for those who experience ASMR (and there are gazillions, just search for ASMR to see how popular it is), the sounds that I and other ASMRtists create are borderline lifesaving to many, at least mentally. I’m a true ASMR addict and it’s what helps me fall sleep every single night. Do fucking love.

Another thing I have added to my life is swimming! This is the first summer that Skylar and I visited the beach or the lake often. I think I swam maybe 8 days? Something like that. And I plan on continuing even when she’s gone. If I still enjoy it when the summer comes to an end, I might consider a YMCA membership just to use the pool. But the Y is totally NOT my favorite option. I can’t even imagine having to clear snow off my car to go swimming. Ugh.

Thank you so much for being patient during Skylar’s visit. As I thought, we hardly recorded. Just not the time and on my part, not the energy. And now that I have actual health issues, I totally allowed myself to step back and do only what I was able to do. We never got around to so many of the things I had planned. But we were still busy every single day, whether it was having fun in the water or playing board games. It was a very good three weeks and having her here helped me greatly during my recent diagnosis. I am forever thankful that I get to have her for a few weeks during the summer. And I’m already anxious to visit her this fall.

That’s it for now! Please visit my youtube channels and other stuff!

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