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Thursday Chat – Another Busy Day

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It’s Thursday.

I have a busy day planned. I actually have today and tomorrow planned. I hope all goes as planned! lol

Today I must make a phone call to a doctor’s office. If you think I’m exaggerating when I say making calls makes me physically ill, I’m not. I tried to make it yesterday but just could not bring myself to do it. Today, I must. Crippled by phones.

I also need to work on my latest crochet project which will be a video. No one needs to force me to do that.   I will do it gladly!

I also need to work a bit on the next Fabric Frenzy which will be either the end of Aug or the beginning of September. All depends on future doctor appointment dates.  I will have lots of new goodies in the frenzy!  Want lower prices?  Become my patron for extra special deals!

At some point I need to get bread for my mother. She has 3 slices left which is not enough for one day.  I warned her that I might not go out for bread until tomorrow so she had me take 2 french toasts from the freezer in case the 3 slices are not enough. She has actually made sandwiches using french toast which I think is pretty much genius. I’ll hit the store tomorrow and hopefully I can do a car vlog while I’m out.

Yesterday, I was able to record for ASMR but I ended up hating that video.  I ran the AC while recording and I removed the obnoxious AC sound using audacity. It takes the AC sound out just fine, but it also alters the rest of the audio. I will not be doing that again. I will now be forced to record without running the AC. Sucks. And the sync on that’s last video was off too. That’s due to my ancient video editor. That sucks too. But I still uploaded it because I never know what sounds someone will absolutely love. The tin can sound I provided might be exactly what someone needed to fall asleep. Just the same, I hope to record today or tomorrow just to redeem myself.

Now it’s time to jump in the shower and officially start this day.

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