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Tuesday Chat – Very Busy Day Ahead

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It’s Tuesday!

And I must rush through this chat post. I need to leave shortly for yet another doctor appointment, this time in Portland. I will be giving patrons an update on that soon. Maybe tonight. All depends on my exhaustion level.

Today is also Nancy’s long day (my mother’s aide). She will be doing food prep for my mother and I’ll have some stuff to freeze when I get back. I rearranged my freezer but it’s still pack to the max. Ugh!

I also finished the crocheted afghan and I so hope to record the final segment today. If not, I must do that tomorrow. Then I want to start a new crafty type video. Derrick will be editing those videos and I want to have plenty for him to do after his trip.

And speaking of his trip, he sent me some pics of Vienna, Austria that I will share later. No time right now. Also forgot to mention that yesterday was Skylar’s first day of 5th grade! They start early in the south but they get out in May. I miss her so much.

Last but not least, I want to record in my new asmr spot later. It’s not set up like a studio yet, but I need to get my butt up there to see if it is indeed quiet even if my mother has the TV on full blast. I hope so!

Also, I’m trying to work daily on my upcoming frenzy at the end of August, so I’ve got more cutting to do. I’m trying to keep it small. I hope I can accomplish that! lol

I really must run. Catch you later!

Shit, I just remembered it’s also fucking trash night. I hate that task! After all, it takes a whole 5 minutes of my precious time. lol

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