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Sunday Chat – My To Do List for Today

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It’s Sunday.

What a night I had. I fell asleep around 2am, woke up at 4am, tossed and turned and was filled with miserable thoughts. Finally fell asleep and woke up again at 6am. Tossed and turned until 7:30am then just got up. Could not function. Back to bed and fell asleep around 9am, got up at 10am. Now you know why I wish we were made to just never have to sleep. And no, I don’t need sleeping tips. lol  You can’t possibly tell my anything that I have not already tried.

Here is what is on my To Do list for today. I will consider it a success if I get half of this shit done.
Move more fabric frenzy stuff to ebay
Laundry… all of it!!! (I have one load started, two to go)
Cook and freeze mashed potatoes for my mother
Record a patreon update (so much to talk about!)
Write another fucking letter to the IRS (I will update on patreon about this bullshit)
Record a concoction??? (not too hopeful but will try)
Record asmr (more hopeful about that, but I might fall flat)
Sort and package frenzy orders (MUST DO!!! must sort all and package at least half)
Write checks and mail the town property taxes (I have the money, yet the bills have been sitting here for a month)
Order 5 of my mother’s meds (you have no clue how much I hate dealing with this shit, there are always mistakes!!!)

There is more, but I’m realizing it’s unrealistic so I’ll stop there.  I think I better just get busy.

Here’s what I have on the blog, youtube, ebay, patreon (wherever) since my last update…

See all my ebay listings here including my mother’s afghan!!!

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Saturday Chat – So Much Going On

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