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Thursday Chat – Lightbulb Moment (exciting news for $1.00 patrons)

I use affiliate links in some of my posts. I may earn a commission if you use my links. Full disclosure.

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It’s Thursday.

I just had a light blub moment. And I don’t think I need to sleep on this one.

I have been posting a daily chat on this blog off and on for years. Yes, I include some affiliate links in the posts. Yes I promote my own stuff in the post to hopefully get more youtube views or whatever. But the chat itself is not really a money maker for me.

I have also been trying to think up a new feature I could bring to the $1.00 patrons over on patreon. I gave them the daily free ebook list and that has worked out well. Not only does it help me to get new patrons at the $1.00 level, but I was starting to “sell” too many of the free ebooks which can jeopardize my earnings (amazon has a max on the free ebooks and if an affiliate “sells” too many they forfeit all commission for that month that they made by selling other items). Moving the ebooks to patreon was a very good solution for me. And it was a nice perk for $1.00 patrons. A win win!

I sometimes just don’t feel like spending time on the daily chat. Hard to be motivated when I know my time is better spent working on something that pays me better, like recording a video or putting stuff on ebay.  And here is where the light bulb moment comes into play. I’m moving the chat to patreon!

Starting tomorrow, any time I post a chat (it won’t always be daily, but I’ll try my best), it will be for patrons at the $1.00 level. This means all the higher levels get it too, but if someone is not interested in my videos at the $3.00 level or asmr at the $5.00 level, they can at least get the chat at the $1.00 level… and the free ebooks too!

I know, I know, this is going to piss many people off. I understand that. But being supported by patrons will encourage me to write about more substantial things, like how to earn money blogging or how to start your own patreon (very time consuming to blog about that shit, can’t do that for free).

Or maybe I will share some of the many ridiculous emails and messages I still get on a daily basis. If I’m going to continue to get that stupid shit, I might as well make the best of it!

I’m not going to make promises that each chat will be spectacular, but it will at least be another perk for the $1.00 patrons. And it’s an excellent way for me to monetize the chat which helps to pay my bills. Do love this idea!

And remember, if you are one of those who are pissed off about this or feel like I’ve dumped you and moved on, you have my permission to move to the front of the “pay my bills” line then I’ll consider doing things your way. I might even be your best fake buddy for life.  Winter is coming. I need to earn more for my insane oil bills. You can either pay my bills or pitch in a fucking buck a month to hear my shtick. Or continue to hang out here without the ebooks or the chats and don’t drive me nuts over it. Or just fucking leave already. Your choice. I’ve got a job to do (yes, this IS a REAL JOB). I can’t have pissy people blocking my way.

And don’t bother hating on me on facebook. Since I can’t turn the comments off on my profile or pages (I can only do that in the group), I will just delete, delete, delete. And then I’ll read the shit you said to my patrons. ‘Cause you know… that’s free content. I’m sure my patrons are thanking you in advance.

I’ve been on patreon for almost a year now. Mid October will be my one year anniversary. I have learned so much and I’m very proud to say that I have increased my monthly earnings every single month that I’ve been there.  I now have 493 patrons with current actual pledges of $1,511 per month. This boils down to approximately $1,141 take home pay after the fees (the numbers you see on the homepage estimate the take home after fees and also estimate the number of patrons pledges that will go through, many cards get declined, others leave, so that’s why the homepage numbers are always less than the actual numbers I see inside).

I think I know enough now to share some good tips for others who would also like to be successful on patreon. I can help you to understand how it all works.  I may do some public patreon tips on that soon. Or I might start a series inside patreon. I will sleep on that one.

And that’s about it for today. I’ve got other stuff to do.

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