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Look What Just Got Delivered! It’s Fabric Unboxing Day!

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I just got 211 yards of fabric delivered to my door!  That means it’s fabric unboxing day!

I hope so much that I love what’s in this box.  I’ll settle for like if necessary because often the fabric I only like is the fabric others love. And the fabric I love… well, let’s just say I have an odd taste in fabric. lol

Everything you see in my upcoming unboxing video will be sold either during my exclusive sales for Patrons and Youtube Members or on eBay which is where I post my exclusive sales leftovers.

Stay tuned for a video later!

Did you know… if you buy my fabric to make stuff that you sell on ebay or etsy, you might want to seriously consider become a patron or member because I now offer advertising as a perk for the $5 per month levels.  That’s some very inexpensive advertising, don’t you think?  And guess what?  It’s working! This patron is seeing an increase in sales! You can contact me for more details at advertising@darlenemichaud.com


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