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New Perk for Patrons and Youtube Members!!!

I use affiliate links in some of my posts. I may earn a commission if you use my links. Full disclosure.

UPDATE: I have to reel this in and make changes to what I am offering because I have too many out there who want advertising for stuff I know my audience would not be interested in.  All changes are in bold!

I am offering something NEW to my $5/mo Patrons and Youtube Members!  If you have an ebay or etsy store, you will love this perk!

I will be promoting my patrons and youtube members on my blog and on my social media. Not spammy promotions, but a promotion here and there each month to help you get more viewers for your ebay or etsy listings.

Here are some things I can promote for you:

  • Your ebay listings or store
  • Your etsy shop
  • Your youtube channel (not at this time)
  • Your podcast (not at this time)
  • Your ebooks (not at this time)
  • Your blog (not at this time)
  • Your facebook groups (a definite no)

CHANGES:  I am only interested in those with an ebay or etsy business at this time.  It must be an established business that you have built over a period of time. You must have good feedback. I’m open to many different products, but currently I’m all about the crafty stuff, so that content is a plus. However, I will glady check out any ebay or etsy store because you might still be a good fit!  Oh, I will NOT promote weight loss products or supplements or powders that promise miracle cures of any kind.  I just won’t.

Is your business missing from the list? Let me know what you have to offer and I bet I can promote it (ebay or etsy only at this time).

Here are the rules. You need to be a super cool person. Okay, I’m sure you are that. 

You also need to have decent stuff for me to promote (on your ebay or etsy store) and it needs to be a good fit for my audience. My followers across all my platforms are mostly women over 35 years of age.

With that said, women shop for many people in their lives, so anything you sell might be of interest to them, as would a wide variety of podcasts, ebooks or blog topics (not promoting podcasts, ebook or blogs at this time).

As for facebook groups, I’m going to be fussy with that. Super fussy.  Super duper fussy. I will not promote groups that I personally would not want to belong to. That mainly means groups that allow drama.  I would need to be added to the group so I could check it out. My gut told me this was a bad idea, and it was. lol  I will not be promoting facebook groups. I know there are awesome groups out there, but I don’t have time to check them all out.

Are you ready for some promotion?

If you are one of my patrons or members and you have an ebay or etsy store you’d like me to promote, please leave a comment for me inside patreon or on the youtube community board.  I will check out what you have and will get back to you.

Please know I will not be bombarding my followers with a bunch of promotional posts, but I can at least offer you some form of promotion at least once per month or more, all depends on how many I have on board for this.

If you are not one of my patrons or members but you’d like some very inexpensive promotional advertising for your ebay or etsy store, please become one of my patrons or youtube members at the $5 level and give me the link to your shop!. If I see anything I think my audience might like, I will promote it. I’m being fussy.

I can’t promise you any miracles, but I can put eyeballs on your stuff.  My blog posts go out to over 3,000 subscribed readers daily and I have close to 20K fans or followers across my many facebook pages and my peanut gallery group.  I can also post to my youtube community board where over 85K subscribers and the public are able to see your stuff.

Phew!  LOL  I am highly encouraged by the interest, but I quickly learned that I need to make these changes because I really only want stuff that is a good fit for my audience.  Narrowing it down to ebay and etsy will make it easy for me to get a feel for what it is that you are offering. Thank you!

On a personal note…

A big thank you to Leah! She is one of my patrons whose amazing creations inspired to start this promo deal for my patrons and members! I want you all to shine!

Please check out Leah’s stuff!
UPDATE:  Leah has set the standard high!  You do not have to have as much stuff to offer as she does, but you need to have an established business and must offer items on a regular basis. I’m not interested in promoting an ebay auction every now and then when you feel like listing something. I’m looking for a community of successful sellers.



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