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My fabric wholesaler sent me some pics of NEW PRINTS that he just got in (please see all images below). 

I think I will love some of these prints! I even see cupcakes!  I never know what prints I will get, but I told him those cupcakes looked good. lol

Most of the prints are too conservative for me, but usually very popular with others.  I have learned that I have odd taste in fabric and can’t buy just what I like. lol

What I’m most excited about is that I ordered a bolt of unbleached muslin that I love!  I had my supplier send me some samples and my favorite was a lightweight unbleached muslin that has seed specks.  Holy shit, I can’t wait to do lots of projects with that stuff!

I plan on having that muslin regularly available because I think others will love it too.  I will also consider getting some of the bleached muslin if the unbleached sells well because I know many like the white muslin better.  I’m all about not-so-white.

When the fabric comes in, I will have a fabric unboxing.  And the next quilt I make after that will be a homespun and muslin quilt. At least that’s the plan. And I already have it designed in my head. No paper and ridiculous math needed for this quilt! And I think it will be a rag quilt because I have not done that for a long time!

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