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WALMART ROLLBACK – Fiskars 45 mm Classic Stick Rotary Cutter – Only $6.21 (reg $9.99)

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WALMART ROLLBACK – Fiskars 45 mm Classic Stick Rotary Cutter – Only $6.21 (reg $9.99)

I have this exact rotary cutter and I love it!!!  I need to pick up one or two more at this price and will keep one for paper crafts!

Grab a 10 Pack of Refill Blades too!  I have these blades and I’m still on my first refill blade even after cutting tons of fabric. The refill is lasting longer than the original blade!  At this price, you can always have a sharp new blade in your cutter!

Most items SHIP FREE to home with $35 purchase

Or order online and choose FREE Store Pickup (if available)

NOTE:  Clearance items are not always available in your store. They might be only in the warehouse. Many items can be ordered online and sent to your store and you can pick it up for free.  If you don’t like or it does not fit, you can return it directly to the store. So easy!

Availability can change at any time.  Once the clearance deals are posted, stuff sells out quick so these deals may be limited or no longer available.

SHOPPING TIP: If you get close to the $35 minimum, simply order other stuff you always buy including groceries! There are more and more grocery items available on Walmart.com now that you can have shipped to your home. I love ordering the big and heavy stuff for home delivery like 20 rolls of toiler paper or big jugs of laundry detergent, stuff like that. I do about half of my grocery shopping on Walmart.com now. So convenient!

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