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I Got Awesomeness On My Porch – See My Deliveries!

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I got my fabric shipment on Saturday!  It’s in one of the boxes above. Can you tell which box?  lol  Let me help you out. It’s the BIG one!

I was in the middle of a Flash Sale and could not open the fabric until today. I recorded the unboxing and that will be uploaded soon.  So excited for you to see all the beautiful batiks I got!

While I was recording, another shipment came. This time it was 100% Cotton Batting and Unbleached 100% Cotton Muslin.  I didn’t get to show that in the video, but both those items will be available on ebay and for my exclusive shoppers soon.

Please remember that my exclusive shoppers get lower prices on all my fabric. Consider joining one of the platforms below so you can get the lower prices too!

Patreon at the $5/mo level

Youtube Membership at the $4.99/mo level

Exclusive sales inside patreon and youtube are for USA only. Outside of the USA must wait for items to appear on ebay and must also pay the shipping via ebay’s Global Shipping Program.


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