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My Newest Scraps Video Came Out of the Gate Strong!

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I have a hot video!!! It’s about time. April has been horrid for me so far.  At one point I was on target to earn about $1,500 LESS than March.  I’ve picked that up a bit, but I’m still going to take a big hit. 

The advertisers CPM has gone down, I’m assuming due to the economy. And I’m good with that because I plan for such things. It’s called savings.  I’m finding out many people don’t do that.  I’m actually shocked by how many don’t do that.  Like, for real, shocked.

I’m still excited by my little rocket erection.  That’s what I call the rocket image youtube provides once it starts to curve up.  I have another name for when it curves down. Limp dick.  I’m so mature.

In the image, the gray area is where my videos usually are. The blue line is where this video is at the 43 hour mark.  The first night of earnings is in, only $28.47, but that’s normal because I upload at night so that reflects just a few hours of earnings. The earnings for yesterday, which will come out tonight, should be much better since that will be for a full 24 hour period and the erection got stronger as time went on.

If you have not watched this video yet, it’s here. Thank you for watching… or not. Either way, I’m good.

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