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Fabric Sales Schedule Until I Move to Mississippi

I use affiliate links in some of my posts. I may earn a commission if you use my links. Full disclosure.

I’m temporarily changing the way I do my sales because my life is upside down with this move to Mississippi that I’m planning.  My sales will not stop.  They can’t.  I have fabric I need to sell!

I just need to be flexible with my sales until I’m settled in MS.  Instead of small weekly Flash Sales and a big Frenzy every 5 to 6 weeks, I’m just going to stick to Flash Sales.  Some will be on the smaller side, others will be on the bigger side.  It all depends on what I have time for that week.

I hope to also sell stuff mid week, but instead of calling those Early Bird sales, I’m just going to call everything a Flash Sale, which is appropriate, but the items I list are often sold out in a flash.  Again, it all depends on how much time I have and what I dig up. 

I would like to keep my shipping down to once per week but if I sell big lots of something, those could go right out.

I will also be putting more items on ebay as penny auctions.  I do not have to sit and babysit those. Look for nice lots of remnants, odd lots of precuts, and the good old scraps. Some of my leftovers from my flash sales might also pop up as Penny Auctions instead of Buy It Now just for fun. That works well if I am left with just one set of something.

Thank you for sticking with me through this transition period. I’m anxious to see what I do in Mississippi. I hope you come along with me and that I “see” you after my move!

Flash Sales Moving Forward – I will still try to have Flash Sales starting at 3pm every Friday.  You can also expect other sales popping up whenever I have the time. I plan to ship orders once per week on Mondays. 

I post a secret link on your platform when the sales go live.

You must become a Patron at the $5/mo level or a Youtube Member at the $4.99/mo level.  I highly suggest becoming a Patron because Patreon has a much better set up.  All the details are below.

Read the details below and join (for real, patreon is better).

Join Patreon or become a Youtube Member to get in on my weekly fabric sales! 

I have Flash Sales every weekend and a big Fabric Frenzy about every 5 to 6 weeks.  Patrons and Youtube Members get lower prices and first pick at all the awesome fabric.

Leftover items get moved to ebay after the sales, but you miss out on so many choices by waiting for ebay because almost 100% of my stock sells out during the sales.  If you love to buy fabric, you are going to save so much money by shopping my exclusive sales. 

Please consider joining my more than 600 Patrons and Youtube Members who love to shop and save!

And did I mention?  Shipping is FREE!

Patreon at the $5/mo level – after you join, go to my patreon home page and scroll through the posts (you must be logged in). Look for my post about the sale. You will get the secret link in that post so you can shop at the lower price.

Youtube Membership at the $4.99/mo level – after you join, go to my youtube community board and scroll through the posts (you must be logged in). Look for my post about the sale. You will get the secret link in that post so you can shop at the lower price.

Exclusive sales for patrons and youtube members are for USA only.


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