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450 Free Kindle Books Per Month

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5-Ingredient Chicken Soup Casserole

TikTok – I Scared Them Away

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3 FREE Box Sets of Kindle Books 1/1/18 – Recipes, Homemade Projects, DIY Crafts & Hobbies

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. 3 amazon free boxed sets darlene michaud

Please join my Peanut Gallery facebook group! It’s a drama free zone, I promise! You will get updates as to what I’m doing, what videos to expect, other inside scoop. You also get special fabric deals available only to group members. I’m currently the only one who posts there so it’s a very quiet group. I’m learning more and more each day that I’m not the only one who loves a quiet group! Go figure!

Free eBooks – price can go up at any time, so hurry if you want them! Always make sure the Kindle Price is $0.00 before you buy! Please see Ordering Instructions below!

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Box Set #1 – Authentic Taste Box Set (5 in 1)

Mexican Favorites
Japanese Cookbook
Southern Favorites
Chinese Cookbook
Everyday Flavors

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Box Set #2 – Homemade Projects: 4 Book Bundle

Book 1: Soap Making Business Startup

Book 2: Bath Bomb Making Book

Book 3: Beeswax Alchemy

Book 4: Beeswax Candle Making

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Box Set #3 – DIY Mega Box Set

1. Sewing: 12 Amazing Sewing Techniques for Beginners by Jean Hunt

2. Beekeeping: 15 Important Rules for Successful Beekeeping by Julie Daniels

3. Beekeeping for Beginners: 23 Brilliant Tips for Raising Honey Bees and Choosing the Best Bee Hive by Todd Rogers

4. Knots: 15 Most Useful Boating Knots – How to Tie Boating Knots Instruction Manual by Gloria Bennett

5. Fishing Guide: 10 Amazing Beginners Tips and Tricks for Catching More Fish by Beverly Vargas

6. Frugal Living: 25 Cooking Frugal Hacks That Will Save Your Money by Shirley Jason

7. Gardening Hacks: 22 Brilliant Money Saving Gardening Hacks by Melissa Watson

8. Jewelry Making: 12 Beautiful and Easy to Make Necklaces for Every Occasion by Marie Kelly

PLEASE READ!!!  To get the ebooks for FREE, absolutely FREE with no strings attached (and no signing up for KindleUnlimited) be sure the Kindle Price is $0.00 then use the Buy Now with 1 Click tab.  If the price is not $0.00 then the ebook is no longer free.  Do NOT click on Read for Free (if it’s there) because that signs you up for a free trial run of KindleUnlimited which later turns into a paid service (but you can cancel).

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