3 Half Yard Cuts – Green Linen (2735)

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You get 3 half yard cuts, 1 of each of the prints you see in the images.

This fabric is supposedly linen (see note below). I used it for a tote bag in THIS VIDEO. In the video, I also showed a floral print with this batch, but that fabric did not belong with this group. The floral was a nice quilt cotton that I will cut for a future sale.

This fabric is a bit too heavy for quilts, but it’s perfect for tote bags. The prints and colors are awesome!  Also good for decorative pillows, pet beds, or whatever else you can think of.

A half yard measures at least 18 inches tall by the full width of the fabric, usually 42 to 44 inches including the selvage.

NOTE: My supplier told me this fabric is linen. But I’m thinking it could possibly be 100% Cotton (made to look like linen) or a Linen/Cotton blend. It seems to be all natural because I did a burn test and it burned. It did not melt or ball up.

SOLD OUT 3 Half Yard Cuts – Green Linen (2735)
Exclusive Price: $12.00 + FREE shipping
non-exclusive price: $13.50


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