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3 Tips on How to Get Started Selling On eBay from My Personal Experience

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Pick an ebay name that will work for anything

If you stick around on ebay for a while, you are very likely to change what you are selling. Ruby’s Rubber Stamps works great if you sell rubber stamps. But if you decide to sell handmade jewelry, then your ebay name suddenly sucks.

You can use your actual full name on ebay. You are the brand.  I’ve had many different online business names during my 25 years of being self-employed and I quickly learned that does not work well for me because I like to switch things up often (either I get tired of it or the market gets tired of me). If you don’t want to use your full name, use just your first name and make it very generic, like Ruby’s Corner or Ruby’s Shop. That pretty much works for anything.

Consider what it will involve to ship your item

This is so important! Don’t get your heart set on selling glass beads without considering the cost of shipping supplies and postage. You might need bubble wrap or little boxes. You will be shipping at package rates which is more than first class or flats.

Start out with something non-breakable and light weight.  Make sure it fits common size envelopes like 6×9 or 10×13 inches. Price the plastic bags you will need so the items won’t get wet if the envelopes get wet. Do your homework!

Don’t give up

Selling is not an overnight success kind of job. You need to work hard at it. And you must not give up. Don’t invest all kinds of money stocking a certain item because you will be stuck with lots of stock if that is not a good seller for you.

List a few things you might already have on hand and promote the living hell out of your ebay listings on your social media. Not into social media?  I sold on ebay before social media even existed!  You can still have success on ebay without a ton of promotion. But if you are a social butterfly, you must take advantage of those platforms and promote your stuff.

Once you see what works, you can go in that direction and don’t give up. It takes time for things to catch on.  I once had a woman tell me she spent a ton of time getting ready to sell on ebay. She listed some items ONCE and they did not sell so she called it quits. Boom. Wrong way to do it.

I have been selling on ebay since Jan of 2000.  I’ve made many changes along the way. Please visit my ebay store to see what I’m currently up to!


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