52 Wonky Cuts – Just Found (2599)

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I just found a small box filled with wonky cuts.  I used to offer these but quickly learned they were way too time consuming to cut due to the angles (very easy to screw up) so I stopped.  I guess I forgot all about this batch. Now that I found them, I’m listing them. 

You get 52 rotary cut wonky strips, 4 of each of the prints you see in the images.

These are 10x3x1 strips which means they are 10″ long with a 3″ base and a 1″ inch tip.

You can use these strips for this Quilt Block Pattern.

NOTE: You will be able to change the quantity after you add to the cart.

SOLD OUT 52 Wonky Cuts – Just Found (2599)
Exclusive Price: $18.25 + FREE shipping
will be $21.25 on ebay


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