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6 Toothpaste Cleaning Tips

1. Eliminate odors. Rub hands and fingernails with toothpaste to remove garlic, fish, onion, and other smelly food scents–especially with “Wicked Fresh.”

2. Spruce up dirty shoes. Works on scuffed-up running shoes. Apply to area, rinse and wipe clean.

3. Spackle nail holes in a wall in lieu of plaster.

4. Return shine to jewelry and silver. Rub toothpaste onto jewelry or silver pieces and let stand overnight. Wipe off with a soft cloth the next day. Returns sparkle to (conflict-free) diamonds, too. Rinse thoroughly.

5. Clean tile grout and shower runners. Remove build-up with recycled old toothbrushes and paste and rinse with vinegar.

6. Relieve bug bites, sunburn, blisters, and blemishes. Apply a dollop to insect stings and skin irritations that cause itching. Also, can help dry wounds and help aids healing. Cools burns. Dab a little dot of paste to zit before bedtime. (Be careful with sensitive facial skin. Test first.)

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