6 Yards Total – Folio Remnants (3000)

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NOTE: There are some holes in the purple remnant (see bottom image).  I am so happy I had the fabric facing the right way for me to see that!  I could have totally sent that out without realizing there were holes.  If I ever send you something flawed like that, always let me know because I would NEVER send out flawed fabric on purpose. Simply never.

These are the leftover remnants from the new Folio prints.  So excited that those 8 bolts are completely depleted!

I measured each piece and there should be a bit less than 6 yards here (5.91 yards), or maybe a bit more than 6 yards since I usually mark down less than the actual measurement to be on the safe side.

Some of these are quite wrinkled since they are the very end of the bolts.  Spray with water and use a hot iron and you should be all set.

I am not giving sizes of each print to save time, but the smallest cut is 23″ and the largest is 31″ with various sizes in between.

They are all the full width of the fabric.

NOTE: You will be able to change the quantity after you add to the cart.

SOLD OUT 6 Yards Total – Folio Remnants (3000)
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