800 Rotary Cut 2″ Squares – 200 Prints (2142)

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You get 800 rotary cut 2″ squares, 4 each of 200 prints!

I’m not showing you all the prints, because there is no way I can sort them all then restack. There are no novelties in this batch, no holiday and no solids.  You do get some mottled prints like blenders and galaxy, but not many.  I think you will love this mix of 200 prints!

NOTE:  I was very careful when sorting all the prints before cutting, but it’s always possible there might be repeats because I’m human. And often exhausted. lol  Even if I screwed up (I hope I didn’t) this is a fantastic mix.

You can use these for various patchwork projects. They can also be turned into 4 patch or 9 patch blocks to mix in a quilt with other blocks.

These are perfect for Postage Stamp Quilts!

SOLD OUT 800 Rotary Cut 2″ Squares – 200 Prints (2142)
Exclusive Price: $40.00 + FREE shipping
will be $50.00 on ebay


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