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Another awesome run at Shaw’s… more FREE food!!!

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I just got back from bringing Derrick and Skylar to the airport (mega bumming) and I hit Shaw’s on the way home.  I wanted to see if I’d still get a double dip on catalinas, and I did!  I used up every last coupon I had since I was making money on every 4 cans I buy!!!

I also was able to use up the rest of my Kozy Shack coupons, the ones for any flavor.   I wish so much they had the chocolate pudding in stock because I still have chocolate coupons that expire on the 31st and I’d love to make a big donation to the food pantry.

I have no clue how many cans of pineapple I have now, but I know it’s a lot!  The food pantry will be happy to see me on Friday!

Hey, you know what we Sanford shoppers could do?  We could maybe meet at the shelter one a month and donate food!  Just a thought… will work on that!

DOLE CATALINA DOUBLE DIP:  This worked for me again today… if you buy 4 cans Dole pineapple, 20 oz, you will get a $.50 OYNO (was supposed to be done on the 24th but it’s still working) and a $.75 OYNO (that one just started).

I’m not going to take the time to do the breakdown. I’ll just say that I used the $.75/2 Dole pineapple coupons, the $.75/1 for the frozen fruit cups, the $.50/1 for the pudding, a catalina for 2 free cans of veggies (up to $3), a cat for a free Essential Everyday yogurt.

I did 6 separate transactions.  I got 24 cans pineapple, 10 pudding, 1 can asparagus, 1 can corn, 3 frozen fruit cups 2-packs, 1 greek yogurt.

The way I worked it out, I paid $.25 for each transaction, total $1.50 OOP, and I still have $2.75 worth of OYNO catalinas left! So, I basically made money buying all this stuff!

Sunday night I made $5.80 profit buying all this stuff
Monday morning I spent $6.81 buying all this stuff
Tuesday I spent $1.50 buying the stuff you see above

In 3 days, I bought over $250 worth of food, my total out of pocket was $2.51 and I have $2.75 left to spend!  This never ceases to amaze me. It’s just as exciting as the very first time!!!


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5 comments to Another awesome run at Shaw’s… more FREE food!!!

  • Cate

    That’s awesome Darlene!! Unfortunately, I’ve learned that the registers at our Shaw’s here in NH doesn’t do overages, BOO! Oh well. Still had a decent first trip though. So thank you!!

  • Cindy Soule

    good deals , i was going to get the pudding but the choc was all gone , but i did get my free yogurt 🙂

  • I can’t wait to learn this.. It amazes me every day to see what everybody saves and I can’t do that yet…

  • Maureen

    If you grow zucchini you may want to save a few of the can’s of pineapple as there’s a great bread recipe which uses pineapple in it.

  • Suzanne B

    Nice score!! 😉 Praying for safe travels for your loved ones!!