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I got 15 bolts of fabric today!  One of each of the prints you see in the image above.  Just because I don’t do fabric unboxings anymore does not mean I’m not in business. Business is BOOMING!!!  I want to thank all my Exclusive Shoppers for keeping me so busy!

Become one of my Exclusive Shoppers NOW so you can get in on the following Flash Sales and Fabric Frenzy 30!

Flash Sales are smaller sales just to satisfy your fabric addiction until the big frenzies come along every 5 to 6 weeks.  Fabric Frenzy 30 is going to be huge!

**NEW** Midnight Madness Flash Sale, Sat 10/31 from 9pm to midnight eastern. Our very first Midnight Madness sale!  

Flash Sale, Sat 11/7 at 3pm eastern.  Our usual flash sale weekend.

Flash Sale, Sat 11/14 at 3pm eastern. Our usual flash sale weekend.

Flash Sale, Sat 11/21 at 3pm eastern. Our usual flash sale weekend.

Fabric Frenzy 30, on Black Friday 11/27 starting at 1pm eastern. I can’t believe this will be the 30th frenzy.  I hope to make it extra special!

Don’t miss out on these awesome sales. I’m clearing out some stock so there will be lots of new prints on the way!

I post a secret link on your platform when the sales go live.

You must become a Patron at the $5/mo level or a Youtube Member at the $4.99/mo level.  I highly suggest becoming a Patron because Patreon has a much better set up.  All the details are below.

Read the details below and join (for real, patreon is better).

Join Patreon or become a Youtube Member to get in on my weekly fabric sales! 

I have Flash Sales every weekend and a big Fabric Frenzy about every 5 to 6 weeks.  Patrons and Youtube Members get lower prices and first pick at all the awesome fabric.

Leftover items get moved to ebay after the sales, but you miss out on so many choices by waiting for ebay because almost 100% of my stock sells out during the sales.  If you love to buy fabric, you are going to save so much money by shopping my exclusive sales. 

Please consider joining my more than 600 Patrons and Youtube Members who love to shop and save!

And did I mention?  Shipping is FREE!

Patreon at the $5/mo level – after you join, go to my patreon home page and scroll through the posts (you must be logged in).

Youtube Membership at the $4.99/mo level – after you join, go to my youtube community board and scroll through the posts (you must be logged in).

Exclusive sales for patrons and youtube members are for USA only.


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