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Become An Exclusive Shopper Today for Fabulous Batik Fabric

I use affiliate links in some of my posts. I may earn a commission if you use my links. Full disclosure.

Become one of my Exclusive Shoppers NOW so you can get in on today’s Flash Sale filled with 100% Cotton Batik in many prints and colors!

I have various lots of batik, everything from $4 to $186. Something for everyone! I have many new prints that I have never had before. I cut as much as I could for this weekend’s sale and the rest of the batik will be listed next weekend.

I expect the smaller ticket items will sell out quickly and never make it to ebay. Some of the bigger sets will most likely make it to ebay but at much higher prices. Example: 31 One Yard Cuts of Batik (no duplicates!) is $186 for my Exclusive Shoppers but will be $211 if that makes it to ebay.  You save so much money by becoming an exclusive shopper and you have soooooo many more choices!

I have more than just batik today.  I have some nice leftovers from the past frenzy listed too. Hope to “see” you there!

It all starts today, Saturday, Sept 19 at 1pm eastern.  The sale starts out with just a few items so I can keep up with orders.  I keep listing new items as soon as I’m caught up. I’m usually done listing Flash Sale items within an hour. All you need to do is keep checking so see what else pops up. It’s fun!  Try it!

Check they platform of your choice for the secret link to the sales page at 1pm eastern.

You must become a Patron at the $5/mo level or a Youtube Member at the $4.99/mo level.  I highly suggest becoming a Patron because Patreon has a much better set up.  All the details are below.

Read the details below and join (for real, patreon is better).

Join Patreon or become a Youtube Member to get in on my weekly fabric sales! 

I have Flash Sales every weekend and a big Fabric Frenzy about every 5 to 6 weeks.  Patrons and Youtube Members get lower prices and first pick at all the awesome fabric.

Leftover items get moved to ebay after the sales, but you miss out on so many choices by waiting for ebay because almost 100% of my stock sells out during the sales.  If you love to buy fabric, you are going to save so much money by shopping my exclusive sales. 

Please consider joining my more than 600 Patrons and Youtube Members who love to shop and save!

And did I mention?  Shipping is FREE!

Patreon at the $5/mo level – after you join, go to my patreon home page and scroll through the posts (you must be logged in).

Youtube Membership at the $4.99/mo level – after you join, go to my youtube community board and scroll through the posts (you must be logged in).

Exclusive sales for patrons and youtube members are for USA only.


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