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Blast From The Past – That Time I Rode a Bike in Walmart (uploaded 4/12/2016)

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Blast From The Past
That Time I Rode a Bike in Walmart

This video was uploaded April 12, 2016.  This is before I started eating just meat and animal products (I started that in Nov 2016).  Many of you love to ask if I’ve lost weight since I started eating this way, and although THE WAY I EAT IS NOT FOR WEIGHT LOSS, I think you’ll see that I lost some weight. There. Hope you’re satisfied! lol

I’m shocked that this video is almost 3 years old and the price of milk was the same as now. I’m not shocked that I still wear that same shirt. lol

I actually rode a bike in Walmart, which is the highlight of this video.  I imagine that’s why it has over 14K views (see stats below). I thought it would be fun to bring this video back to life.

There is a car vlog at the end but I barely watched it (I don’t like watching my own videos). This was around the time that I switched to full time youtube and I had let go of my full time job as a coupon blogger. Pretty sure I touched on that at the end… and even cried.  I used to cry a lot. lol

Back in the day, I did not create thumbnails or add tags, none of that stuff.  So I’m trying to do that to one video per week to hopefully give it a boost. So far that’s working!  Last week’s blast from the past gained 500 new views. Recycling videos! Gotta love it!

I hope you enjoy this blast from the past!

Stats and Stuff:  The graph below shows a peak in the middle of this video in the audience retention analytics. That peak is where people kept going back to watch the bike ride part! This video has 14,292 views at the time of this blog post (if you check to see what it has now, please know views are delayed).  It has been watched a total of 119,375 minutes which equals almost 1,990 hours.  This video has only earned $33.35 to date. That’s not enough!  The most it earned in one day was $1.24 and that was back on 5/20/16 which was about a week after I uploaded it. I’m not getting rich off this video! lol


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