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Skylar’s Ebay Business Spreadsheet

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Please check out Skylar’s Penny Auctions!

I thought I’d share the spreadsheet I set up for Skylar’s ebay business.  She absolutely loves filling this in!

I put it in pdf form so Derrick (my son, her daddy) can print whenever she needs a new page (I’m in Maine, they are in Mississippi so we are doing this remotely).

I’m sharing the pdf with you in case you might sell on ebay and maybe you have a child who would also love their own ebay business.

When someone pays for an auction, I call Skylar and give her the numbers.  She fills in her spreadsheet and does the math.  I also have one that I’m filling out so we can compare to make sure she added or subtracted correctly.  Or maybe I made a mistake!

Sale Date: I give her the date that the item was paid for.

Item Number:  She’s just using item number 1, 2, 3… not that long ebay item number.

Selling Price: The price it sold for not including any sales tax (the winning bid amount).

Ebay Fee: Currently 10% of the sale price including any shipping charges.  Example: if the winning bid is $5.00 and the shipping charge is $1.00 then it’s 6 x .10 = 60¢ fee.

Paypal Fee: Currently 2.9% of the sale price including any shipping charges plus a 30¢ flat rate fee.  Example: if the winning bid is $5.00 and the shipping charge is $1.00 then it’s 6 x .029 = .17 + .30 = 47¢ fee.

Postage Fee:  Whatever it cost to send it.

Profit:  Selling Price – Ebay Fee – Paypal Fee – Postage Fee = Profit.

Total Profit: Profit + Total Profit for line above (for the first entry, total profit is the same as profit). Example:  if Profit is $4.50 for line 2 and Total Profit is $2.50 for line 1, then Total Profit for line 2 is $4.50 + 2.50 = $7.00.

Paid: She can check off which items she has been paid for.

I’m actually going to change the Paid column because she will get paid with a $20 bill each time she hits $20 (I paypal Derrick and since he gets twenty dollar bills from the ATM, paying in $20 increments is the easiest way).  I want a column to represent the balance coming to her.  So if she’s at $24.00 and gets paid $20, she’ll have $4 left to get added to the new income.  I might do this on a new spreadsheet.

It’s a work in progress.  I’m just happy that she’s so involved in this. Derrick said she’s always anxious to show him her spreadsheet after she fills in any new lines.

So far Skylar has 5 auctions filled in and her total profit is $18.01… not too shabby!!! She said she had no idea that paper was so popular, lol.

She’ll have another auction to fill in today so I’m quite sure she will hit her first $20 payout.  So excited for her!

Thank you to all who bid on her auctions.  She has a new auction that needs some love!  Please check it out. You can see her other auctions here.  Thanks!


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