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I’ve been eating only animal products since November 17, 2016.  That’s 3.5 years carnivore at the time of this post.

During that time, I have eaten all kinds of meat.  I quickly got sick of trying to be creative with the kind of meat I ate. Beef has always been what I love the most. Beef is what most long time carnivores eat. I’m all about the beef.

I did steaks for a long time but I got so sick of looking for sales and hated cooking them too.  I lived off porterhouse steaks for about 9 months and loved that, but pricey. Then my little store where I get meat changed hands and they stopped putting the porterhouse out. I had to ask for it. Asking is not up my alley.  And I hate ringing a bell. So I stopped shopping there.

I tried Walmart’s grocery pickup. We do not have delivery, but we do have pickup. Let’s just say I may never step foot in a store again. I’m totally hooked to letting someone else do my shopping. The prices are the same as in store and there is no pickup charge.

I ordered a box of 75% all beef patties a while back. Loved them. Messy though. So I tried 83% but still messy and I liked the flavor of the 75% better. So that’s what I’ve been eating for weeks now. I eat 8 to 10 patties per day, sometimes with wings on the side.

It’s so incredibly freeing to not have to think about what I’m going to eat.

I just got my 2 boxes for the week. They are under $20 per box so that’s just $40 for my meat per week! But wait, I do buy wings too. And of course, I order stuff for my mother.  And I perfected how I cook the patties so there is no splatter and no grease down my sink.

I render.

I turn the burner on and leave it on maybe #3 heat. I put 4 frozen patties in the pan (that’s all that fits). I let them sit there, turning now and then, for however long it takes for them to cook. I sometimes leave them for an hour. NO SPLATTER AT ALL when you render meat.

Then I remove my patties and drain the fat into a bowl that goes out to the wildlife. I cook 4 more patties to eat for dinner so I only have to cook once per day (I reheat or even eat them cold).

After the second batch of 4 patties are done, I might cook a few more just to be on the safe side. Sometimes 8 per day is not enough for me and my mother might also want one. When I’m completely done cooking, I drain the pan again then I wipe it dry with a paper towel. At that point, I can wash it and there is zero grease going down my drain.

I’m a happy carnivore!

If you have zero clue what I’m talking about, I have a playlist for why I started this.  And I know you want to say… but surely you must eat vegetables too. The answer is no I don’t. And please don’t call me shirley.



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