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You will not want to miss the next Fabric Frenzy which will be on Saturday, January 20. It runs all day and into the night! You must be a Peanut Gallery facebook group member to be part of it (shipping to USA only).

Carol said she worked on this beautiful crumb quilt top while watching my entire Crumb Quilt Adventure series. She also mentioned the, like me and many of us, she has a crumb quilt addiction. lol

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This is Jo Ann’s stack of crumb blocks, also from the Crumb Quilt Adventure series. She did not confess to having a crumb quilt addiction, but I bet she does! lol  She will send a pic of the quilt when she puts it together. I can’t wait to see it!

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Want one of your creations to be featured on my blog? Here’s what you need to do!

1. Be a member of my Peanut Gallery facebook group (join here)
2. Send an image to peanutgallery@darlenemichaud.com. Please do not share on facebook as those will just get lost in the shuffle.
3. Please share only creations that were inspired by one of my videos and let me know which video or series inspired you.
4. Include any details you’d like me to share along with your image.
4. Include your first name or a nickname if you’d rather be anonymous. I will not mention any other details as to who you are or where you are from.
5. Know that I will be sharing the blog post on social media. You are more than welcome to also share the blog post to show off because you are now famous! lol

If you sent me images and don’t see them on the blog, hang in there. I have been getting lots of images and will eventually post them all. Keep them coming! Oh, and if the email bounces back, it means it’s full. Please try again later.

Thank you!


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