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Christmas Challenge Update – I wrapped gifts this week – What did you do?

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Here is your weekly Christmas Challenge Update post!  Please post a comment below letting us know what you accomplished this week toward your Christmas shopping goal.  Did you find any good deals?

I completed my March goal of 4 gifts for family and 4 for donation. I wrapped the gifts for family and numbered them on the back and I’m keeping a list of what’s inside each package.  I’ll worry about tags later. Not much into bows since the kiddos don’t care.  I already misplaced two of the donation gifts… lol!  I’m sure I’ll find them. (p.s. don’t wrap donation gifts)

Two of the gifts I got through are still available! I was impressed with these gifts for the price… beautiful, big boxes! Makes them look way more expensive than they really are! lol  Skylar loves crafts so we will have fun with these when I have her in December.

Both of these gifts ship free to your store!
Christmas Soap Kit $4.00 $3.00
Painted Candle Kit $6.00 $3.00

Our challenge this week is to find something in Easter Clearance that we can give as a Christmas gift!

If you want to get in on the Christmas Challenge, read this and just start doing it! You will be happy come Christmas time when you’ve got all your shopping (and wrapping) done!  We currently have 43 members of the Christmas Challenge!

Please keep track of how much you spend on gifts and how much you saved! I’d love for us to all have a total at the end of the challenge!

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2 comments to Christmas Challenge Update – I wrapped gifts this week – What did you do?

  • Trish

    This week I was at a consignment shop. They were having 75% off red tag sale!!
    I bought a few things for my sons and a coat for one of my daughters.
    I also wrapped them!! I have a friend who always wraps presents so beautifully, ribbons and bows….trinkets tied on top.
    I have never taken the time to do that but always admire beautifully wrapped gifts. With this challenge, I have been shopping and wrapping and taking time to make the packages pretty!! It is such a good feeling!!
    I spent about 20 dollars at the shop.

    • Darlene

      I love it! Seriously, we are all going to be so happy come Christmas time! We will have more time to spend on family and cooking and activities and less time spent in the stores. And we’ll save money!