Darlene’s Savings Catchers Group Guidelines and Helpful Info


We have over 900 members in the Savings Catcher group now, so I thought I’d put together some guidelines to help keep the group running smoothly. Please read and let me know if I missed something! Thanks!


1. Keep all posts in this group Savings Catcher related. If you want to post something off topic, please do that on my Deals by Darlene facebook page.

   Examples of Savings Catcher related:
      SC and BB questions
      SC deals you find
      SC deals that worked or did not work
      SC and BB tips that might help others

   Examples that are not Savings Catcher related:
      Other deals that are not about SC
      General chit chat (do that on my Deals by Darlene facebook page)
      Rants or vents with no substance


2. You are allowed to vent about shopping trips that went wrong or unpleasant experiences with cashiers, managers, whatnot. Be kink and try to use your vent as a way to help others.

   Example of a helpful vent:
      I’m very frustrated with my Walmart in ABCTown. The manager said ThisOrThat. Has anyone else heard this?

   Example of a useless vent:
      My Walmart SUCKS. (That helps no one…lol. And remember that rants of vents with no substance will be deleted)


3. When posting deals or asking questions, be clear as to which town you are in and which store you are price matching, also what the sales dates are. The more info you can give, the better.


4. No opinions as to what someone should or should not do. I respect everyone’s opinion, but this is not that kind of group.


5. Be respectful to all members, even if they asked a question that has been answered a hundred times.


6. Answer the question that is asked, plain and simple. Keep posts on topic.


7. Absolutely no name calling. One member called another member selfish and I will not tolerate that at all. Other words I do not like are greedy, shelf clearers, and the F word… Fraud. Name callers will be banned.


8. Do not post links to other blogs or websites, facebook pages or groups, or to printable coupons. If you find coupons or info you want to share, let me know and I’ll post it if appropriate.


9. No self promotion or spam allowed. This is not a place to post the next big get rich scheme. Spammers will get banned.


10. No selling, trading or giving away coupons. There are groups out there for that. Not this group.


11. If I ask that we stop a discussion, I expect it to stop. It’s my group so I get the last word (yup, I do). If anyone continues commenting on that post, I will delete the comment and may ban the member.


12. Don’t stir the pot. If you don’t like the tone or subject of a post just report it. Commenting on the post is not necessary.


13. Part of the reason I want to limit posts, like no chit chat posts, is simply to cut down on the number of posts. Most groupies belong to many groups so they only want to see important stuff in their news feed. If you want to chit chat, please go to my Deals by Darlene facebook page.


14. If you see a post that you feel goes against these guidelines, do not comment on that post as it will bump it up to the top. Instead, use the Report link in the drop down and I will be notified.


15. Please remember that I am the only one allowed to stray from these rules. I have no other admins as of yet, so no one else should be acting like one.


16. These guidelines are subject to change as we go forward.


17. Learn more about Savings Catcher here  Click that link to find links to helpful videos and pages where you can get more help. Practically every question you have can be found with just a little bit of research. If you can’t find your answer, ask in the group and someone will help you.


Thank you for your cooperation! Let’s just keep it fun and friendly! (those are two good F words)